Traveler’s Notebook

I’ve set my Hobonichi daily planner aside and pulled out my Traveler’s Notebook again. I found myself using the Hobonichi for my calendar and task list and carrying a separate…


The pollen game is strong right now The wife made zucchini boats (S.S. Squash) I made chocolate chip cookies


Lots of oak pollen out there folks Putting the top down And taking the girls to pick up dinner

She Stole My Desk

I worked from home for almost five years (three days per week pre-COVID). I had a great home office setup with dual monitors, an electric positionable standing desk with memory…


Four miles through Burke Lake Park Puppy patrol Grilled fajitas and Mexican street corn

Training update

edit: I’m not sure why the photo upside-down. I even tried editing the photo to be upside-down before I uploaded and it was still wrong. /shrug Still in the early…


Grilled dogs, tots, and ‘gus (not pictured) Love these little plants growing in our front yard Brought the girls with us when we ran errands