The girls are happy to be out of the car Washed off the road grime California poppies


I present to you the Ed & Sal slice (parmesan garlic fries, bacon, and a drizzle of sauce) Remember these?

Road Trip

Heading across the country to visit a family member having some health issues. I may have to put life on hiatus for a bit while I deal with some stuff.…


She kicks her own ears when she walks while sniffing the ground My son Car wash


Found this in our bag of spinach Tomorrow is Independent Bookstore Day and Duolingo is preparing me Picked up dinner from Raaga Tandoor

Life is Precious

I’ve been reading “The Body: A Guide for Occupants” by Bill Bryson. The human body is an amazing piece of engineering, that’s for sure.


My grubhub driver sent this when he was on his way with lunch My favorite shoes; now I want them in green Afternoon walk was chilly and still a tad…