Organic Foods Aren’t Healthier

For the record, I don’t shop for organic foods because they’re healthier. I shop for them because they’re grown and/or produced without the use of (or with severely limited use of) pesticides. According to this article in The Telegraph the other day, an amateur entomological society in Germany has been Read more…


I’ve recently decided I need to practice more mindfulness. I’ve always been pretty carefree and not really too focused on the past or future. The problem is, I also tend to default to just “live” in the present. I have a pretty damn good life, and so I typically just Read more…


Looking for free anti-fascism / anti-racism vector art? Thanks to Bobby Hundreds, your search is over! The art was inspired by Heather Heyer, who lost her life in the Charlottesville attack on 12 August. Source: Bobby Hundreds Gives Away Free Anti-Racism, Anti-Fascism Vector Art –

Mind the gap

I tweaked some stuff on the back end, I’m curious if picture uploads from Android will work now… Yup, looks like it. Testing the Twitter integration after publishing too.

Testing from Android

Nifty, eh. Not only did I manage to get WordPress up and running for a couple domains, I also managed to tweak it to access from the Android WordPress app. It’s been too long since I’ve messed with technical stuff; I need to make a habit of it. So yeah, Read more…