Gorgeous sky even if it was frigid Vegan ribs, homemade potato salad, and BBQ beans for dinner First latte from the new machine was pretty good!


Daisy is getting cleaned by Izzy and Rubi My water bottle is ready to go My amazing wife bought me an early Father’s Day gift for Mother’s Day… she wins


Max is my spirit animal right now, channeling my mood and energy Had a new ceiling fan installed New reusable Chemex filter fail (grounds spilled over)


Needed a Philz coffee this morning Things I see from my standing desk Cinco de Mayo Italian food because EVERY Mexican food place was busy or website down (even Chipotle)

COVID-19 Diary – week 7

Random things I’ve thought about or learned while stuck in the house, social distancing, and trying to do my part to keep all of us healthy. This social distancing thing isn’t helping my puppy socialize. She barks at everything. People. Squirrels. Birds. Grass. Pollen… Speaking of social distancing, there were Read more…