Project Happiness

I’ve been struggling lately. Not struggling to be happy, I’m a pretty happy person … goddammit! No, I’m struggling to see the positive in things. Social Media and theĀ fake news is really hitting me hard. I’m aware that the constant deluge of negativity is bad … but I also know Read more…

By Tee Jay, ago

Meine Oma

It was a year ago today that my grandmother passed away. It was very hard to see her decline in her last few months of life, and the day before her death was very difficult for her and for us. I felt a huge relief for her when she passed Read more…

By Tee Jay, ago

To-Do list saga, part one

Preface: I wanted to chronicle my struggle to find a personal productivity system. I expect this will be an ongoing series … I’ve had issues with to-do lists for years. I finally had a decent system in place for a couple years using notebooks. I entered stuff easily, checked it Read more…

By Tee Jay, ago